During Ramadan, we're hoping to raise money to fund Project REACH's development and youth programming. We are pursuing a couple of potential funding sources and will be hosting a vision iftar for targeted prospective donors. However, we want everyone who believes in the Project REACH mission to play an active role in building the organization and raising money for its operations, so we came up with the following idea:

As you plan your personal Ramadan iftars, give your guests the opportunity to donate to Project REACH. All you need to do is
(1) Provide some information to your friends and family about our organization and what we do;
(2) have a donation box or envelope available at the Iftar where guests can leave a donation in any amount (cash or checks payable to Project REACH); and
(3) Ask your friends to do the same for their Iftars! [More]
DC's first Community Cafe took place on Saturday June 16th at THEARC Theater in SE DC. It was a fabulous event filled with phenomenal performances, fascinating live art, and good food. A diverse audience from across the DMV came together to experience an evening of unity, creative expression, and spiritual upliftment.

Go to Facebook.com/dcprojectreach to see the pictures! [More]

To learn more about Project REACH, the work that we do, and our goals for the future of our organization, watch our new promotional video created by Chithra Jeyaram.


Buy your tickets to D.C.'s first ever Community Cafe now by visiting this page: http://reachbeyond.eventbrite.com/. Community cafe is a space for communities to collectively celebrate and engage in diverse and creative artistic expression across various genres and disciplines.

 D.C.'s first ever Community Cafe



DC's first ever Community Cafe is coming this summer! Presented in DC by the Inner-city Muslim Action Network (IMAN) and projectREACH, it's one of the few Muslim-led efforts of a highly professional caliber that provides a space for socially conscious people to collectively celebrate and engage in diverse and creative artistic expression. DC's Community Cafe will take place on Saturday, June 16th at THEARC Theatre with a diverse array of musical and visual artists. [More]


Project REACH is coordinating monthly movie showings at America's Islamic Heritage Museum starting this Saturday June 9th at 5pm! We'll be watching and discussing the documentary 'Koran By Heart', a coming of age story about Muslim kids in modern times. [More]
Weekly discussion circles for female youth will begin on Thursday May 10th at America's Islamic Heritage Museum. The purpose of these weekly discussions is to work on personal spiritual growth and to discuss real issues affecting young sisters in DC. We will focus on themes such as ‘Pursuit of Happiness’, ‘Sisterhood’, ‘Self-restraint’, ‘Commitment’, ‘Courage’, ‘Patience & Perseverance’ & ‘Respect’

Real Talk for the sisters will be on Thursday evenings at 7pm at American Islamic Heritage Museum (2513 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, Washington, DC 20020). The first discussion will be held on Thursday, May 10th! [More]
project REACH is re-launching its Tutoring Program for high school students, which aids students in the completion of schoolwork and understanding of English and Math concepts taught in school.


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