In the spirit of shared justice, we appeal to you during this blessed month to keep the efforts of Project REACH in your minds, your hearts, and your prayers. As you decide where to give your zakat and sadaqah this month, we hope that you consider giving to Project REACH. [More]
During Ramadan, we're hoping to raise money to fund Project REACH's development and youth programming. We are pursuing a couple of potential funding sources and will be hosting a vision iftar for targeted prospective donors. However, we want everyone who believes in the Project REACH mission to play an active role in building the organization and raising money for its operations, so we came up with the following idea:

As you plan your personal Ramadan iftars, give your guests the opportunity to donate to Project REACH. All you need to do is
(1) Provide some information to your friends and family about our organization and what we do;
(2) have a donation box or envelope available at the Iftar where guests can leave a donation in any amount (cash or checks payable to Project REACH); and
(3) Ask your friends to do the same for their Iftars! [More]

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