Enter Project REACH’s Eid Greeting Card contest, by designing the outside of an Eid greeting card! Whether your style is graffiti or calligraphy or something different, showcase your creative side by participating. All you have to do is create your design on a blank sheet of paper and bring it with you to the weekly Real Talk sessions or submit it online by Friday August 10th. See below for details.

Contest Instructions and Rules:

1. Draw your design on a blank sheet of 8 ½ X 11 paper that is not lined and without any logos or watermarks on it

2. This contest is open to Project REACH youth ages 13 and above

3. Make sure the design is in the form of line art like calligraphy or graffiti (see sample pieces of line art below)

4. The deadline for submission is Friday August 10th. You can either submit your design in person at the Project REACH Real Talk sessions at America’s Islamic Heritage Museum (2315 MLK Ave SE Washington, DC) on Thursday August 9th or scan it and email it to dcprojectreach@gmail.com by Friday August 10th

5. You may enter as many submissions as you wish. However, each Contest winner will only be eligible to receive one prize.  

6. A committee of judges made will vote on the best 3 designs and winners will be announced by Monday August 13th

7. The winning design will be printed on greeting cards and will receive a prize. The other winners will also receive prizes.


Helpful Tips:

> Pick a distinct theme and use it to help you develop your design and its message.

> Make sure any words or writing in your design are clear and easy to read. 

> For line drawings, feel free to start your design in pencil (in case you need to erase!) and then trace over the lines with a bold marker or felt-tip pen when you are happy with the design.




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