Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh.


For the past few months, the Project REACH core team has been engaged in a series of strategic sessions led by a consultant, external to the core, who challenged us to think seriously about our strategy and intended impact in the community. In that discovery process, the team identified certain skills that were missing from the team and decided that we needed to expand the group in order to expand our capabilities to achieve our mission. The expanded core team is outlined below.



This expanded core team put Project REACH's programmatic activities on hold (except for the ongoing brothers Real Talk halaqas) to focus our energies in these strategic planning sessions. We explored a number of potential program areas to pursue moving forward and have agreed to begin a health education program in addition to continuing and upgrading our existing Real Talk youth program. The health education program will include a seminar series, exercise activity sessions, and a health fair open to youth, their families, and the whole community.


Additionally, we are in the early stages of Board and Advisory group development to support the strategic vision and development of Project REACH.


Moving forward, we plan to be more transparent in our communications by sending regular email newsletters and posting regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our website. Specifically, be on the look out for details on our first health seminar and activity session coming up in May!


If you are passionate about building healthy communities and empowering youth with life skills and want to be a part of our efforts, let us know!


Core Team Members:

  • Katara Aleem
  • Inshirah Aleem
  • Bilal Aslam
  • Isra Bhatty
  • Shamsuddin Haddad
  • Nafisa Isa
  • Tahir Kaiyum
  • Iman Kandil
  • Muhaafiz Khan
  • Ali Malik
  • Nasreen Mustafa
  • Hassan Stevenson

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